About us

Our company

At Green Orchids we belive in getting close to nature by growing plants around us and by cultivating for our own needs as little as possible.

Started by Mr.Francis.K.C as a small home nursery now has an online presence to reach more people and help them start home gardens. Our efforts are to help people come close to nature through their home gardens and help them with guidance and good varieties of plant species.

  • Imported varieties of Orchid plants.
  • Blogs that help you with home gardening.
  • Make gardening a joyful experience. 

Our team

We are group of vibrant people who came together for the joy of gardening.

Green Orchids team has both young minds who love gardening and like sharing their gardening ideas. Our team are well mentored by our elders who gives us insights about the various gardening ideas and also help us find the extinct plants which we contantly look for. 

Vision and Mission statements

To be a one stop for all gardening needs. Help people grow their own home garden by useful guidance and supplies. Bring people close to nature and do our best to give back to mother earth.


Provide all gardeninig utilities and plants of best quality at affordable price. Be a trusted partner for people who love gardening and guide them through useful blogs or any other possible ways.